LED downlights offer high performance and low prices for mainstream and residential commercial lighting applications. LED light save electricity, remain cool and save money on replacement costs since LED light bulbs last so long. LED lights prevent this heat build-up, thereby helping to reduce air conditioning costs in the home. Mercury-free - no mercury is used in the manufacturing of LED lights.

This multicolor Led Light Has special feature, it has 3 colors in it. 1) Cool white(6000-6500K) 2) Warm White(3000-3500K) 3) Neutral White(4000-4500K). You can run all 3 color lights with this multi color panel. By default the color is set to cool white, but if you switch off the lights and switch them back on the light of the color will change to "Warm White" and similarly if you switch them off and switch them back on it will turn to "Neutral white" and will stay with that same color light unless the lights are turned off. If Lights are turned off for more than 15 Seconds automatically the light by default goes to Cool White(that means if you turn on the lights after 1 min/hour/day it will be emitting cool white color). But if the lights are on it will not switch to different color unless the lights are turned off and turned back on.

Benefits of LED Down Lights :-

  • 1.Efficiency
  • LED downlights use only a fraction of the energy required by traditional lighting solutions. Replacing your existing lights with Deco LED lighting fixtures will result in dramatic energy savings.

  • 2.Safety
  • Safer than traditional lighting solutions, LED downlights produce far less heat than traditional lighting methods, doing far less damage to the fixture itself.

  • 3.Low Maintenance
  • LED downlights and Retrofits last longer than their traditional counterparts, which means you spend

    less money on replacement bulbs and less time on maintaining your fixtures.