Slim Panel light

LED panel lights are somewhat different than LED down lights, and they’re now commonly used for interior decoration lighting purpose. LED Panel Lights… sounds new and something different. Of course, it is! LED technology becomes popular now and has been used widely because of its amazing power saving.

LED panel lights are designed in such a way that provides better lighting conditions.

Slim Panel light

LED panel lights are applicable to almost any type of environment and can be adapted for both domestic and commercial use. Domestically, the light panels have been lightening ceilings in the kitchen, bathroom or living room. The ultra thin design also makes them great for shelf lightening. In the commercial sector, the LED panels are predominantly used in supermarkets, retail shops, offices, factories and hotels. The LED panel lights are also used in the public sector, including schools, hospitals and many other public centers. This sector has embraced and endorsed the LED technology, especially due to its cost-saving and environmental-friendly features.

Slim Panel light

There are three main types of LED panels on the market today, the round, square and rectangle LED panel lights. Among these great advantages, users also enjoy an user-friendly installation and the product continues being easy to maintain throughout the entire lifespan.

Benefits of LED tube Lights :-

  • 1. Environmental friendly
  • LED panel light is also a green lighting technology. It has no mercury, no radiation; also the manufacturing process makes almost no pollution. All the material used can be recycled, and these recyclable characteristics are very essential for the sustainable development economic and social development.

  • 2. Customizability:
  • The principal advantage of LED panel lights is their customizability. Because of their thinness and the way that the LEDs are fixed into the panel itself, they can be shaped into almost any type preferred.

  • 3. Light Adjustment:
  • The light color of LED panel lights can be adjusted according to the different needs or circumstances. It provides eye-friendly soft light that can protect eyesight with no radiation and glare or unpleasant light. Here all colors are moderate accordingly people can look directly at the light without dazzling.