Led Coller Light

LED Spotlights allow you to direct light where you want it and have great control over your lighting. Use our LED spotlights to replace traditional halogen and incandescent spot lights in track lighting, retail and display lighting and recessed lighting.

The advanced composite construction of these light designs reduces internal component heat providing greater durability and reliable performance.

  • The practical applications of LED spotlights are many. Spotlights are widely used in residential as well as commercial purposes. In this article, we try to discuss some aspects of indoor and outdoor spotlights and find out if there is any remarkable difference among them. We shall also see the various contexts that require the use of LED Spotlights.
  • Led Coller Lights Applications-The longer life span and energy efficiency are the core factors that favor the use of LED lights as outdoor spot lights. The low energy consumption of LED spotlight makes it more feasible with solar applications. With the less amount of energy Led Coller Lights gives out maximum output.
  • Led Coller Lights are a good substitute for your halogen lamps and saves you a lot in terms of power consumption.
  • Led Coller Lights have a longer life span and thus there is no need for frequent replacement.

  • Key Features :-

    • 1.Replaces High Wattage Incandescent Bulbs by upto 90% of the Existing Watt.
    • 2.Instant On.
    • 3.Full Range Dimming option Available.
    • 4.Shatter Resistant Bulb.
    • 5.Energy Star Qualified, Rebate ready.
    • 6.High Quality Lens for Better Light Lumination.