LED Savings Calculator

Planning to Switch to LED Lighting?

You don’t have to go any further to know how much benefit this switch can result in. Answering the following questions on your lighting requirements and usages will help you calculate and compare the energy and money you would save by replacing your current lighting with LED Lighting.

Prepared with actual readings and numbers the probity of the results is unquestionable and completely accurate.

Use the calculator to understand what the furore around efficient energy is all about. We bet the results will amaze you too.

Number of fixtures to be replaced units
Old fixture (to be replaced)
Incandescent/Halogen: 2,500 hours
Metal Halide: 6,000 hours
Fluorescent/CFL: 8,000 hours
Pulse Start Metal Halide: 15,000 hours
High Pressure Sodium: 20,000 hours
LED fixture (new fixture)
The Average Lifespan of Imperial Led is 50,000 Hours.
Energy rate (electricity cost)
The average price of electricity in the India is 7 Rs/kWh.
Hours of operation
Other factors (optional) Labor cost for relamping:

Results Number of light units to be replaced to LED units: 10 units

Old fixture LED fixture
Initial cost Total of INR2.00
(INR0.20 each)
Total of INR50.00
(INR5.00 each)
Wattage Total of 800 Watt
(80 Watt each)
Total of 100 Watt
(10 Watt each)
Electricity cost (7 Rs/kWh) INR441.50 per year INR55.19 per year
Lifespan (continuous use) 1,000 hours 50,000 hours
Lifespan when used for
12 hours a day, 7 days a week
2 months 22 days 11 years 4 months 30 days
No. of times an old fixture to be replaced each year Total of 43.80 times
(4.38 times each fixtures)
No. of times an old fixture to be replaced during the LED fixture's lifespan
(11 years 4 months 30 days)
Total of 500 times
(50 times each fixtures)
Cost of replacements each year
([Incand. bulb cost] × [Number of replacement per year])
Total of INR8.76
(INR0.88 each fixtures)
Total annual cost
([Cost of replacing fixtures] + [Electricity] + [Labor cost])
INR450.26 per year INR55.19 per year
(same as the annual electricity cost)
Total cost
(after 11 years 4 months 30 days)
INR5,142 INR680
Total savings /w LED fixture (ROI)
(after 11 years 4 months 30 days)
INR5,142 − INR680 = INR4,462
Break-even point
(The amount of time necessary to save as much money as you invested initially)
1 month 14 days