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Everyone is familiar with LED Bulbs. It is the light-emitting diode, which glows on your household gadgets when they are switched on. LED has long been used as indicator light. Now it is gaining popularity as source of light for homes, offices and other places.Thermal Resistant Body with High Diffusion and Long Life of up to 50,000 Hours. • High Quality Aluminum body and Heat Sink for better Heat Displacement which helps to increase the LED Life thus increasing its age which thus resulting Into High Energy Saving for Many Years.

Led Bulb

Benefits of LED bulbs :-

  • 1. Improved Durability
  • LED's have no filaments so can withstand a greater intensity of vibration and shock than stardard lights making them durable with less risk of breaking and need to replace.

  • 2. Compact Size
  • LED Light bulbs can be as small as 2mm making them ideal for fitting into hard to reach and compact areas.

  • 3. Safety
  • Most LED bulbs operate at low voltage so are cool to touch and much safer to handle during installation and maintenance and can be exposed to rain and snow.

  • 4. Environmentally Friendly
  • The benefit of LED Bulbs is that they are an eco-friendly form of lighting as they do not contain mercury or other harmful gasses or emit any harmful UV rays.

  • 4. Fast Switching
  • LED Bulbs will start at full brightness, instantly, every time, therefore there is no need for backup lighting.