LED Bollard Lights


This LED light bulb offers an energy efficient design ideal for everyday home use. The GU24 base uses only 6 watts of energy, but is comparable to a 60 watt incandescent bulb, and may be use with a dimmer. Average bulb life is 50,000 hours, based on 2.7 hours of use per day. The design is RoHS Compliant, lead free, and mercury free. The color temperature Ranges From 3000K - 6500K with a light output of 140 Lumens/Watt.

This High Powered Performance LEDs with a GU24 base. It has an average life of 50,000 Hours. It is also RoHS Compliant and Mercury Free.

The GU24 fitting maintains the energy efficiency of the light by preventing an occupant from using an incandescent or a CFL.

The GU24 fitting allows the overall length of the bulb to be shorter since the threaded base is eliminated.

Neither of the electrical contacts are exposed during bulb installation or when in service, offering improved protection against electric shock.


GU24 connector. A GU24 connector is fitting for (CFL) or LED bulbs that uses a bayonet mount-like twist-lock bi-pin connector instead of the Edison screw fitting used on many incandescent light bulbs.

Feature :-

  • 1. Universal voltage: 120V-277V applications
  • 2. Output ranges from 500 - 2800 lumens
  • 3. Color Rendering Index (CRI): ≥82
  • 4. 50,000 hour life
  • 5. High power factor: ≥.90
  • 6. Rotatable 270°
  • 7. Simple ballast bypass ensures maintenance-free operation
  • 8. Instant on
  • 9. Non dimmable
  • 10. Not suitable for totally enclosed luminaires
  • 11. Two year limited warranty "Extandable Up to 10 Years"
  • 12. UL Listed (E26 & GU24 base), UL Classified (GX23 & G24q)