Company Description:

An avant- garde in the promising and prominent field of LED Lighting, Imperial LED has led the way with diverse and quality LED Lighting products since its inception in 2008. As respected leaders in the industry of LED Lighting, iLED (Imperial-LED) has delivered as promised with a wide range of products that fulfil every lighting requirement through superior and reliable products.

Imperial Led, One of the India's leading LED lighting manufacturer, having the largest range in LED Lights ranging from LED Bulbs, LED Tube Lights, LED Panel Lights, LED Down Lights, LED Track Lights, LED Flood Lights, High Bay Lights Etc. We Have a dedicated in-house R&D Team Who is working round the clock improving the product making it Better from good. Our manufacturing Facility is Situated in Mohali, Punjab and We Provide Quality Products only and are the Best option for the Market that is Looking for Quality Products with "MADE IN INDIA" tag with Equivalent or Better Quality Than the Other MNC's in the Market.

We are an integrated manufacturer of LED lighting and cater to General, Commercial, Industrial, Government Sectors and more.


R&D and Quality Details

As the world moves towards harnessing the efficiency of LEDs( light emitting diodes),we at Imperial LED started the process long back in 2008. With LEDs imported from the technology capital of the world Japan, and dividers and fixtures being manufactured in India under controlled and vigilant surroundings, we have been committed to providing goods that are dependable, based on the newest technology, and of an enviable quality.

Over the years we have made efforts to enhance are processes and develop more merchandize that answers to the individual needs of the buyer. Paving the way for an energy efficient future, which is not only light on the budget but also contributes in creating an environment friendly solution to electricity crisis.

LED lighting is the future of sustainable development and we at Imperial LED want to be the bridge that takes you to it.



As a futuristic Company, we understand the fast pace at which technology changes, and consider it our duty to keep ahead of the times and ceaselessly endeavour towards creating novel methods of harnessing technology to provide products with the latest updates, innovations and enhanced quality.

We are aware of the various challenges faced by Lighting Professionals, and consider it our responsibility to help mitigate them by seeking solutions through improved expertise and manufacturing processes while at the same time moving towards development of breakthrough advancement in LED technology.



Imperial LED is based on the foundation stone of the following values:

1. Quality: The first pillar of strength of our products is their unparalleled superior quality. We as a company hold strict principles on what constitutes superior quality and do not make comprises on the same.

2. Cutting Edge Technology: The second pillar which supports our values is cutting edge technology. We provide the latest and most efficient LED lighting technology that makes our products durable, energy efficient and a wise choice.

3. Deliverance: The third pillar is deliverance of customer satisfaction through our products. We highly value customer requirements and endeavour to provide them with the product that satisfies their prerequisites and becomes the ideal choice.

Our Infrastructure


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