Led 2G11 Tube Light

IMPERIAL LED offers replacement in new levels of efficiency and versatility in sizes,configurations and application possibilities. The LED PL 2G11 (PL-L) 4-pin base has identical dimensions with the current CFL fixtures offering a hastle free Replacement for the same in the form of Imperial PL 2G11. IMPERIAL LED developed four LED retrofit lamps which are up to 60% more energy efficient compared to the fluorescent counterparts.

We use the best grade of SMD 2835 LED chips with lumen maintenance factor LM80 and constant current LED driver. The proven technology of our LED drivers can now be as reliable as the LED chips, reaching approximately 50,000 hours life span.

  • The Imperial LED Lamp is the ‘plug-and-play’, retrofit solution to replace standard 2G11 CFL lamps. They strike instantly and have a start up time of < 1 sec. Providing over 60% energy savings on traditional energy saving CFL lamps, they are gas and glass-free, requiring no maintenance, thereby Reducing the maintenance Costs to a great Extent and Also Contributing to the Green Environment.

  • Led 2G11 Applications

  • Offices, Malls, Showrooms, Boutiques
  • Railway Stations, Buses, Trains, Metros
  • Meeting Rooms, Exhibitions, Conference Halls
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    Feature :-

    • 1. Can be used for retrofits as well as new projects
    • 2. No ballasts or chokes required.
    • 3. Excellent substitute for PLC Lamps with 2G11 Base
    • 4. Elegant and Sleek
    • 5. All Lights manufactured with SMD design with latest technology
    • 6. Unique Heat sink design with high surface area for quick heat dissipiation
    • 7. Total isolated constant current drivers( Separate)
    • 8. Available in Pure White & Warm White Colors
    • 9. Consumes 50% to 70% less energy than conventional PLC Tubes
    • 10. No UV or RF interference
    • 11. No toxic substance like Mercury